Dr. Elise Hewitt DC, DICCP, FICC
parent feedback

         "There is always a noticeable improvment in my son's sleep                     quality and daytime attitude after visiting with Dr. Elise."  
                                                -Becca Williams


          “Carlos was very constipated. After the first visit, he went

           at least 1–3 times every day.  Before starting care, he would

           cry with almost every movement.  He wasn’t eating and didn’t                      sleep much. Now, he seems much happier.”  

- Lisa Cicconetti, mother of Carlos, 6 wks

“My twins had latching problems while breastfeeding, and 

   Dr. Elise was able to correct both babies’ difficulties within 

          a few treatments. I am impressed with how gentle and 

effective the sessions are!”

                           - Melissa Clark, mother of 5-week old twins

             "Malachi is the first of my children to stay healthy and 
avoid ear infections.  By his age, all of my other children
         had had at least one ear infection and had been on antibiotics."

            "What made the difference?  He's the only one to have gotten                    chiropractic care!"       
                                - Cindy, mother of Malachi, 9 months          


Infant with Colic

“At 16 weeks, I was at my wits end because Rachel cried whenever she was awake. And since she woke every hour, she was awake and screaming most of the time. No one could figure out what was wrong.  The pediatrician said she was colicky.  As a last resort, I took her see Dr. Hewitt.  After two appointments, Rachel was a different baby. At the second appointment, Rachel was in a screaming fit and wouldn’t nurse.  Dr. Elise treated her and she stopped crying right in the middle of the session!  It was amazing and Rachel has not cried like that since!  My pediatrician noticed the difference in Rachel, as did our family and friends.  Rachel is a sweet, happy little girl now.  And she sleeps for four to five hours without waking, which means I can do the same.  Dr. Elise helped save my sanity and gave me a baby that I could love and enjoy!”      - Kay

Girl with severe stomachaches and constipation

“After two years of medical care, Olivia was still having gastric reflux, constipation, abdominal pain and weight loss.  She was not sleeping and was irritable.  Her pediatrician recommended counseling to help her cope with the pain.  Olivia started seeing Dr. Elise at the urging of one of my nurse colleagues.  After several visits, Olivia was off all her laxatives and reflux medications.  She began having normal bowel movements for the first time in two years.  She gained five pounds in a month.  She began to sleep.  She returned to her bouncy, goofy self.  What a gift to us to have Dr. Elise so close by.  What a gentle and easy approach to health care.  And what a great message to Olivia about healing and knowing there are natural tools we can use to feel better and restore our health.”   - Michele


Twin with nursing difficulties

“My beautiful twin girls arrived five weeks early.  Dani came out relatively easily and was fairly easy-going, but Alex, after much pushing, pulling and the use of a vacuum, arrived after a Caesarean section. Alex immediately had difficulty nursing. She would push the nipple out of her mouth with her tongue.  We assumed this meant she didn’t want any more food.  For weeks on end, every night was the same. Trying to put Alex down to sleep took up to four hours, during which time she continued to cry until she fell asleep from exhaustion.  Everyone told us “some babies just cry” and “to let her cry it out”.  I refused to accept this as how my precious little baby would spend her first few months of life. 


When we took her to Dr. Elise, she found that a bone in the roof of Alex’s mouth was apparently “stuck”.  To get her tongue in the correct position to suck, Alex was gagging herself.  To keep from gagging, she would push the nipple out of her mouth with her tongue.  So, far from being done nursing, Alex was still hungry, but unable to keep the nipple in her mouth.  I am convinced those long nights of trying to ‘figure out Alex’ were simply hunger cries. But after just one appointment, Alex started eating better and more efficiently.  My husband and I were both amazed at the obvious difference the very first night.  After several appointments, we noticed a drastic improvement in her overall mood. Dani and Alex are now six months old and have both tripled their birth weight!  Dr. Elise fixed my baby!”     - Jennie


Boy with chronic upper respiratory infections

“Dylan was the child in our family who always got sick. Ever since he was a baby, illnesses have always hit him the hardest and lasted the longest.  Several times his illnesses had ended in asthmatic attacks and he was taking regular, strong medicine to help him breathe.  He was constantly tired and his energy seemed really low.  We regularly took him to our pediatrician, but she had nothing to offer beyond antibiotics to help him get over each illness.  Because of his poor health, Dylan missed a lot of school.  Sometimes, his sickness kept him home for weeks at a time. This was very difficult for our whole family.  Dylan missed out on his education and missed playing with his friends.  And all of the missed days were causing problems for me at work.


When Dr. Elise examined Dylan last summer, she found lots of spots in his spine and cranium that were not moving properly.  She explained that these spots could interfere with his nervous system, which could depress his immune system and affect his lung function.  She fixed these spots in his spine and cranium and gave Dylan some supplements to support his immune system.


The change was dramatic!  This school year, Dylan has missed only a few days to illness.  He has been much healthier and when he has gotten sick, the illnesses have been much milder.  It’s so great to seem him healthy, energetic and enjoying being back in school learning and playing with his friends.     - Julie


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